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Some of our major accomplished projects:

1. In the year 2012, at Lokitaung in Turkana County, we successfully installed a greenhouse for World Vision a Non Governmental Organization. The project has significantly increased food production besides creating employment opportunity to the locals       2. In the year 2012 in Kitui County, we installed a drip irrigation kits for our client, […]

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Our Major Activities

Irrigation designs, installations, supply and maintenance. Consultancy services on irrigated agriculture. Precision farming. Real time App on workers/labor management. Borehole drilling. Environment impact assessment on major projects for NEMA. Dams construction, farm ponds and other dams excavation. Dam linings. Agricultural inputs.

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Our Overview

    Post modern farms was established and registered in the year 2012 with the main objective of bridging the gap in farming technology as well as embracing the modern farming techniques. In the last five years, we have been able to achieve this objective as we have transformed and improved the farming techniques and […]

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